Blockchain Visionnaire Summit

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Date23 Jul 2018 08:00 - 19:00
AddressKalkscheune, Johannisstr. 2, 10117 Berlin
PlaceBerlin, Germany
Price85.39-106.49 EUR
ICO Finch discount30% - Code: ICOFinch30

Event Overview

The blockchain sector is saturated with conferences that provide very little information on how to build a sustainable token company. BVS is focused on providing real case studies and actionable tips you can apply after the conference. We brought together experts in three key sectors – technology, funding, and marketing – who will share their personal experiences managing reputable token companies.

Our top-level International speakers come from various backgrounds from developers, solution architects, media and business executives, investors and entrepreneurs committed to create a better future. They will share their knowledge through an interactive panel discussion and case studies with a focus on educating us on best methodology to build and start companies with blockchain technologies.


Join us as we discuss how to build our decentralized future. What are the challenges blockchain developers and entrepreneurs are facing? Which platforms should you consider when building your product? These are some of the questions, we aim to answer during our technology panel.


With increasing government regulations, we will discuss best tactics to fund your blockchain venture and be compliant. We will compare the VC funding against token sales. And share first round expectations, raising methodologies and budgeting.


Our panelists from media, growth hacking and PR will share the latest tactics used by successful blockchain startups. How do you peak the interest of the press? How to increase your community? We will also discuss the ongoing debate of Google, Facebook, and Twitter paid advertising censorship and what the future holds.