Crypto Games Conference 2018

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Date17 Oct 2018 10:00 - 18 Oct 20:00
AddressMarriott Hotel, 20 Pobediteley Ave., Minsk, Belarus
PlaceMinsk, Belarus

Event Overview

Crypto Games Conference is the first international conference dedicated to games and game services with use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The aim of the summit is to unite the worlds of games, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other cutting edge technologies, discuss the profound implications of their convergence, and discover the new opportunities that result from their synergies. The conference will be divided into 4 streams listed below

Crypto games

In the Yellow Hall, the leading developers will reveal their strategies, tactics and secrets of the business and marketing of crypto games, as well as analysis, post-release reviews, and post-mortems of their games and services. General market trends will be discussed and debated in talks and a round table with participation from some of the leading experts of the blockchain and games industry.

Crypto game services

The Green Hall will bring together leading developers of gaming services who will talk about specific use cases of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in their services, and speculate on their impact on the global gaming industry.


Additionally, the Green Hall will feature senior gaming and casino company execs discussing their experiences integrating cryptocurrencies, as well as how they approached creating new services in the real-money gaming industry. Issues of regulation and provision of SaaS solutions will be discussed in detail.

Crypto funds and platforms

The key crypto funds will be in attendance, with view to discovering new high potential projects and teams, and will be available for presentations and private meetings.