Loyalty Live: Blockchain and Loyalty Rewards Conference

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Date16 Oct 2018 09:00 - 18 Oct 18:00
AddressJW Marriott, 151 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60603, USA
PlaceChicago, USA
Price400 USD
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Event Overview

Loyalty Live is the first conference in the world focused on bridging the gap between loyalty rewards and blockchain technology.

Loyalty programs are on the rise for a wide variety of key industries. They are a crucial and strategic investment for many types of organizations, however consumers experience significant friction prohibiting the use of their legacy points. Many programs lack liquidity and about a third of points are never used.

Even if the end consumer doesn't know it yet, they already hold digital currency in their pockets. Blockchain technology is the next natural step for turning these points into cryptocurrency and advancing a digital points economy. It has the power to add security and liquidity to points programs with the tokenization of digital assets.

Loyalty Live supports the convergence of these two industries - bringing together the biggest names and thought leaders from both worlds, for knowledge exchange and education. Attendees will be at the centre of this exciting evolution of the Loyalty and Rewards industry and the discussions on integrating blockchain solutions for all horizontals in the sector.

The event will demystify blockchain for enterprise, with intro bootcamp sessions and expert panels. Learn how to leverage the technology to improve points systems, operate programs at low cost and high security, develop a liquid value ecosystem, acquire more users, and increase value for existing customers.

Get to know the technology that's changing the world and meet the brilliant minds taking it mainstream. Expect topics to cover: why blockchain is the remedy to loyalty challenges, merging blockchain with existing business systems, tracking systems, lowering transaction fees, improving points liquidity and redemption, reducing consumer friction, and eliminating fraud.

Together, we can bring cryptocurrency to the masses.