Hosho Con 2018: Blockchain Security Conference

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Date09 Oct 2018 09:00 - 11 Oct 18:00
AddressHard Rock Hotel, 4455 Paradise Rd
PlaceLas Vegas, USA
Price999-1699 USD

Event Overview

Entirely focused on the blockchain industry, Hosho is setting the standard for blockchain security, providing state-of-the-art smart contract auditing and penetration testing services.

After attending conferences for the last year Hosho realized that conferences were not going to prioritize programming and education around security within the Blockchain industry. Knowing this Hosho decided to produce their own Blockchain Security conference to bring the topic of security or lack thereof to the forefront of conversations happening in the community.

HoshoCon is not a revenue stream for Hosho, and Hosho is not an events company - but we recognize the need for this type of event and have partnered with many companies to be able to start this annual event.