About ICO Finch

ICO Finch is a service which helps thousands of investors to get insight into Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Security Token Offering (STO) market and makes it possible for teams to list their projects and get more attention from potential investors.

We monitor and analyze ICOs and STOs automatically using tools developed by ICO Finch team, as well as manually by our experts, and give each project our independent objective rating.

We believe in the future with blockchain and our goal is to build a community of blockchain enthusiasts, investors, project owners and all people interested in this promising decentralized technology.

You will not find 3000+ ICOs here, not because we can't, but because we care and try to accept only projects that are worth your attention. At ICO Finch we face this dilemma every day, to add or not to add a project to our database and the truth is - currently we reject 70-80% of the applications. Can we guarantee that absolutely all projects we have are good? No, but we definitely filter out many scam and high risk ICOs for you.

Feature list

We improve the project every day to bring more value to you and to make this service more useful, friendly and feature-rich. Here is what you can do at ICO Finch:

  • Use our ICO / STO Calendar to discover new and active ICOs and STOs. It is divided into classical Ongoing, Upcoming as well as Ended ICO / STO lists.
  • Sign up today to get access to all functions we are planning in the coming weeks and months.
  • Get more information on a specific project by analyzing Project Profile Pages, they will give you a quick overview of any ICO / STO you are interested in.
  • By Bookmarking interesting projects you will be able to track their changes in the near future.
  • Upvote your favourite projects if you think they deserve more attention!
  • Follow and export our Blockchain Event Calendar and if we missed an event just fill in the event submission form
  • Read industry reviews and guides in our blog.
  • There are more useful features in development, join us and be the first to get access to the new functions!

We would be happy to hear your feedback, feature requests and propositions! Feel free to contact us by email and through social media!