Provenance Summit Seoul 2018

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Date20 Nov 2018 09:00 - 17:00
AddressFloating Island Convention Centre
PlaceSeoul, Republic of Korea
Price10-299 USD
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Event Overview

The agenda was put together to help teams collaborate from startups and enterprises when building or implementing blockchain. We are bringing government officials to talk about regulation and compliance. The different teams presenting will be from all aspects of a business; design, development and management. We are bringing teams together with the aim of collaborating from the very start of building a product in blockchain.

Blockchain technology has enabled startups and entrepreneurs to raise investment without writing a line of code. Product development is important regardless of what industry it is. As an entrepreneur, the person is responsible for building a business – which means building a product or a service. Provenance Events aims to educate teams about the development cycle of blockchain technology and building a decentralised product. We help teams from startups, enterprises and governments understand the best practices and methodologies when it comes to team collaboration and product development. We are bringing global industry leaders together to learn from the perspectives of the product development cycle – design, development, management, regulation and compliance.

We'll be bringing together governments who are using blockchain and corporates industry business leaders, technical architects and developers through the development cycle of building a blockchain product; UX (user experience), DX (developer experience) and project management with the aim of helping attendees learn how to build and implement blockchain successfully.