Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta 2018

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Date23 Oct 2018 10:00 - 18:00
AddressRadisson Blu Resort & Spa, l/o Mellieha
PlaceGolden Sands, Malta
Price99-399 EUR

Event Overview

This year, Smile-Expo will hold the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta, a huge event with crypto discussions by blockchain specialists which will bring together experts from 10 countries. The large-scale meeting of top industry experts will become the 50th anniversary event of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference series.

Why Malta?

Malta belongs to the list of the most DLT-friendly countries and takes one of the top three places in crypto development. Positive and encouraging ICO regulations, innovative bills with guidelines for the industry and companies moving their businesses to the island – are the signs of the successful technological development.


The conference will be opened by Karim Babay – the investor, entrepreneur and the President of Intrinsic Value Investment Partners. IVIP is the New York based global investment management firm, and Babay has been investing in crypto for already four years. The specialist will explain how venture investors evaluate Blockchain startups’ ICOs and the value of their tokens years later.

Also, guests will have an opportunity to meet with 50 experts from top world corporations discussing the most topical DLT issues of today. Speakers will pay attention at such topics as blockchain in education, AML policy and cryptocurrency trading.

Apart from discussing financial sphere, professionals will turn to the innovative usages of DLT. Invited speakers will share knowledge about DLT integration into transportation, gaming industry, real estate sector, healthcare sphere and AI. Crypto specialists will provide the existing use cases and will emphasize the advantages of the technology’s innovative implementation.

Key topics of the event

  • how to tokenize assets in businesses
  • how to avoid hacker attacks on your blockchain solution
  • how to launch an ICO without breaking the law
  • regulation of the global blockchain market and its impact on businesses

The core feature of the conference is blockchain use cases in nonfinancial sectors relevant for Malta: travel, sailing, aviation, real property, healthcare, education, and logistics.

No theory, only actual use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. No newcomers, only industry experts. No fiat, only crypto!